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How to Bet on Cricket Online


Cricket is that one sport that is followed as a religion in most countries, and cricketers are elevated to nothing less than a Godly status. And this trend of looking at this particular sport as the most superior of all and eulogising cricketers in all their glory have led to the rampant practice of betting on teams, matches and cricketers. This is not just the case in any one particular country or region. This is, in fact, the case throughout the globe across several continents and culture. Having said that, the practice of betting has been made much easier by some of the online sports betting sites, that do not only make it comfortable for players to place their bets, but also promises substantial wins. In a similar vein, we shall attempt to look into the topic of online betting on cricket in greater significance so that you can understand the domain better.

Choose the Right Online Betting Site:

Now, it might look like a piece of cake, to bet on your favourite sport online. But the reality needs to be placed under microscopic scrutiny. You need to do your research well enough to be able to tell the genuine sports betting websites from the fraudulent ones. The very first step to betting on cricket from the comfort of your home is to choose the right website. Be wary of the sites that have malicious intent. Betway, 10CRIC and Spin Palace are some of the most authentic ones in the market, and you could head over to their websites for safe sports betting.

Suitable Deposit Option

Choose a Suitable Deposit Option:

Now that you have chosen the right website, it is time to choose a safe deposit option. Some of the safest deposit options are Ewallets and Pre-paid Cards. Ewallets are something like the online banks where you can deposit funds to the account and withdraw funds from it as and when you like with the unique account number that you would be allotted. Pre-paid cards are like debit cards where there is a fixed amount of money, and you can use the card as long as the card is not maxed out.


Understand the Odds of Betting:

This might seem a tad difficult to grasp because there is no one particular formula that can be worked out to predict the odds. But a few trials and errors, where you do not run the risk of losing out much could contribute to your experience. Also, use the law of averages to understand who stands a higher chance of winning a particular match.


The aforementioned points regarding online betting on cricket can be followed to see to it that you are treading down the right road while indulging in betting. While these tips might not guarantee you a win, but they can definitely see to it that you are betting just the right way.



Ways to Beat the Odds in Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting

The trend of cricket betting is on the rise and each day, millions of cricket fans take up the fun job of betting on their favourite teams, players and matches. Cricket betting not only helps in making a decent amount of money out of the fore, but it also serves as a popular form of gambling. However, like every other gambling endeavour, cricket betting too, has its own odds. These odds need to be beaten if one were to get a better betting experience and increase their chances of winning. There are several ways to beat the odds in cricket betting, and we shall look into those ways throughout the length of the article.

Understand the Pitch and the Ground Conditions:

Ground Conditions:

A vital part of beating the odds in cricket betting is to understand the conditions that rule the pitch and the rest of the field. Even if you do not pay much attention to the condition of the entire ground, it is important that you take the health of the cricket pitch into consideration. The pitch plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of the match, and you might as well do your research about the pitch before you place your bets.

The Outcome of the Toss Is Crucial:

Not many people would want to acknowledge the importance of paying attention to the outcome of the toss, but know that it is vital that you follow the outcome and only then proceed to play your bets. The toss, to quite an extent, is responsible for predicting which team would have an edge over the other. The outcome of the toss and the health of the pitch can give away precious bits of information, and you need to learn to assess the information well.

The Form of the Team and the Players:

the Players:

Another extremely crucial bit of information that you can use to your favour is the form of the players and that of the team. Note the history of the matches they have been a part of and try to work out their form. This shall provide you with an edge over your bets, and you could benefit massively from this.

Finally, Follow the Match Predictions:

Match predictions might not always be perfect, and they might be erroneous too. After all, it is not possible to forecast human behaviour and performance. But it is always a great idea to listen to the experts talk before making a decision. Pay heed to what the experts have to say about the match and also try to infuse your own verdict with it to emerge as a victorious bettor in the domain of cricket betting.

Reasons Why Betting on Cricket is Popular

Cricket is Popular

Betting is something that people have been following from a very long time. The history of betting can easily be dated back centuries ago. It is difficult to pinpoint the date when gambling originated there are many proofs which concludes the dates which go back to the Roman Times, Egyptian Empire and Greece. Today, betting still exists, although it is not what our ancestors used to do primarily with a game like cricket.

Cricket is probably one of the most famous game in the world where people from all around the bet on their favourite teams. Cricket is also the second most popular game in the world and betting on cricket is very important for the people being involved. Cricket is always viewed in high standards, and this is one of the reason it thrives in the gambling industry. There are many reasons for people to bet on sports form being mentally simulating to physically enjoyable. Here are some of the most well-known reasons why betting on cricket is very popular.


A tricky yet easy way to earn the money

One of the most popular reasons for cricket betting is the fact that people think that it is a game which will allow you to earn some easy money. Earning money through betting is one of the most easiest things you can do, which will allow you to bet as well as stimulate your brain to think about the statistics of your win.


To support your favourite team

It is safe to say that people love cricket from a child to an old man. The numbers are staggering when it comes to the passion for cricket. It is especially fun with online betting, which will allow you the right support of the business. People want to make sure that they can support their team no matter the consequences, which is also one of the reasons for the rise in the business of betting.

The market of gambling is attractive

gambling is attractive

The betting business is huge, and bettors always take a huge chunk from this market. The market size of gambling is a staggering $150 billion, which can attract a lot of people. With the number of attractive sites and pictures, one can safely say that betting sites attract a lot of attention towards itself.

Easy to understand

Betting is not difficult as it is an easy and self-learning process. No matter you win or lose, you will have the best results in the end. Try to make sure that you are betting right to help win a bet which will allow you to have a better concentration. There is a lot of data which one can easily find online, which will allow you to learn a few tips(Do Watch This) which can help you enhance the chances of wins.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips You Can Make Use of

Cricket Betting Tip

One of the most popular sports that has billions of fans worldwide and gets people in a frenzy, more often than not, is cricket. There are many other sports that might be quite popular as well. But the kind of fan base that cricket has, is unrivalled and unparalleled. This frenzy around cricket has also led to the organised system of betting on cricket matches, teams and cricketers. Speaking of which, betting on cricket can help you win extraordinary amounts of money, if you know how to do it right. This is why we have brought together a few tips that interested bettors can make use of and try their luck in the domain.

Understand the Odds:

While understanding the odds, in the beginning, might look a little challenging, things start to get easier with time. You might have to go through a series of trials and errors to be able to understand how and which way the odds work. Betting is much like gambling, and it is never easy to predict the odds by putting it in the framework of specific mathematical rules. But what you could do to enhance your chances of analysing the odds is being aware of the trend of the matches. Plus, match predictions at the beginning of any game could also work in your favour.

Use the Law of Averages:

The Law of Averages is not exactly a well-formulated law that follows the rubrics of Mathematics. But experts have found out that the Law of Averages happens to work many times in predicting the outcomes of matches. According to this law, if a team happens to keep winning consecutively, it has lower chances of winning in the upcoming matches. Therefore, you could set your wager according to the law and see if that works. While it might not be appropriate to state that following the law shall guarantee a win, you might just have a higher chance of winning.

Look for the Right Sites When Betting Online:

the Right Sites


It is important to understand which website you must visit to place your bet. You cannot take the risk of signing up to any random website and then lose all your money in the process. There are several fraudulent sites that prey on unsuspecting victims and fleece all their money. Therefore, you must know better than that and do some research before betting online.


It is essential that you understand that cricket betting is just another form of gambling, and it is not always possible to predict the outcomes in this sector. For the most part, it depends on your luck. However, these are some of the tips that you can conform to in order to be able to enhance your chances of winning.

Things to Know About Cricket Betting

Bet Online

Contrary to popular belief, cricket betting requires a specific set of training (or practice), if you want to put it that way, to be able to excel in the domain. It is true that cricket betting is just another form of gambling, and it is quite difficult to predict the outcomes of gambling, no matter how seasoned a player you are. But, cricket betting, unlike the other forms of gambling, occurs in real-time and in the real world. This lends a human touch to the fore and makes it different from poker and slot machines. With this view in mind, we have collected a few points that every aspiring cricket bettor must keep at the back of their minds to be able to understand the domain a little better.

You Can Bet Online:

In the fast-paced world, where technology is mushrooming at the speed of light, every facility has now become increasingly accessible. Cricket bettors do not have to travel elsewhere to place their bets or be present in the stadium to understand how exactly the match is faring. All that you have to do is sign up to a credible and authentic website and place your bets. It really is that simple. However, make sure that you have done your research well and know which website is authentic enough for you to sign up.

Bet Online

Understanding the Odds of Cricket Matches Could Work in Your Favour:

We know what you are thinking. Understanding and predicting cricket odds to its last detail is not entirely possible. But you can at least try. After all, it is better to put in some amount of research and calculations before you place your wager. This takes off the edge and helps enhance your chances of winning a handsome betting amount.

You Can Bet On Different Segments of the Game:

Segments of the Game:

As we know that several prizes are awarded to cricketers in various segments of the game. For example, there are trophies and rewards for the Man of the Match, the Highest Boundaries and the like. Similarly, bettors could also select their segments according to their comfort and experience and place their bet. This strategy can come handy in winning one or more bets from the same segment. You could either choose to place a bet in one segment, or you could place more than just one bet. It depends on your comfort and expertise.


Cricket betting can make for an amazing experience if you know how to go about the process in the right way. You just require the right exposure to the domain of cricket betting and the rest shall fall in its place, and you can win a fair amount from the betting experience.


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